Kristi Tuhkru-Tamm  

Drawing a series of women has been in my mind for a long time. When a modern graphics tablet finally arrived home, the images were quickly formed on the screen. Although I enjoy the speed and opportunities of new technology, occasionally I do pick up the good old paper, colours and pencils as well.

I've always liked to draw, especially colourful weird creatures. All kinds of fantasy animals have journeyed with me since my early years in school. At first I doodled them in my notebooks, later wove them into tapestries, worked in clay and painted into jewellery.

I love cheerful colours in particular, they give me energy and boost my mood. I like to do things differently by incorporating all of my little quirks and that's why every little thing I draw has always a little joke hidden inside

I studied textile arts in Tartu Pallas Art School.

Helen Sang

New and exciting challenges are what fascinate me, be it crafting or a summer theater project. Curiosity and desire to try and try has led me to the world of high-tech: porcelain, glass melting, sheet metal making and enamelling. With silver jewellery, I have participated in competitions in Japan and the United States where my work has been recognised. In addition to creating by hand, I enjoy the organisation, the numbers and analytics - I have a degree in Economics and have a Master's degree in European Studies from the University of Tartu.