These bags were born on one beautiful autumn day of 2018. This birth was preceded by a year of discussions and many kilometres of walks on the sandy beaches of Pärnu. It was there where Kristi shared a story of a 4-year-old little girl who suddenly no longer liked her name but wanted to be Neele. And so a name from a long time ago became alive again ...

Neele is undoubtedly cheerful, and she dares to stand out. She loves bright colors but at the same time enjoys the naturalness. Neele adores the beauty of nature - every small encounter with a butterfly, bird, animal or fish gives her great pleasure.

Neele finds preserving nature very important - that's why all the products are made of cotton and are reusable.

Neele likes the smell of the earth and the touch of water, stormy nights and the full moon, wonders and adventures. She likes things with a spirit and to live life to the fullest

Neele is passionate, look at the world with a spark in her eyes, loves little pieces of of chaos and to smile mysteriously.

We are happy to introduce you to their best friends:

 Gerda, Mary, Lily, Mona, Sarah and Lenna.