Neele is an Estonian brand. Pictures are drawn by a local artist and printed onto the fabric. Our tote bags and cushion covers are 100% cotton. All products are machine washable at 40 degrees.

Neele offers 4 different items:

  • small across body/shoulder bag (23x27cm)
  • tote bag (34x38 cm)
  • larger carrying tote bag (43 x 44 cm)
  • cushion cover with zipper (44 x 44 cm)

We make all models with six different pictures featuring mysterious women: 



The pillows are eye-catchers for the couch, patio or armchair. They give the room sparkle and originality. 

  Bags are good for shopping, exercise, travel, beach, lecture, work ... all your stuff fits in there!



These bags are for a brave, personal woman (girl) who loves colors, appreciates the natural and cares about the environment. The bag is a beautiful gift for a mom, a teacher, a daughter, a girlfriend, a coworker.


There are not many of those whose peacefulness is tedious, like the smoke coming out of the chimney in the brisk winter morning. You sit on the top of the world quietly swinging your feet. Your one eye purrs and the other tears silently over the edge. You are a cat who walks on his own and you know that you always land on your paws.


Smell of seaweed and mild wind, waves hitting the sand in the background. Your all seeing cat eyes that have broken some hearts. Tangled hair, sandy toes, salty water on your skin - happily meeting new adventures!

May it be the red rowan berries, the blue sky or the midsummer garden sinking into the sea of blooms - the world is irresistibly colorful and attractive and invites you to play. Creativity takes its own forms while playing but your balance is perfect because you know your colors.

A mysterious read head floating on a dance step along the grass, an unbearable smile on her lips. Who sent their butterflies to dance in your hair... airy, brittle and wonderful - like you.

The dust of the road, the smell of rainy soil, and the earthy tones fit well with your peaceful nature. You enjoy movement in nature and a casual footprint on your coat is not the end of the world. You know that the real gold swatch is in the heart.

The worlds holds all sort of furry and feathery, and some are entirely unique but you prefer a colorful company anyway. Even when you are alone, you will never feel bored because you have more ideas than  there are feathers on a song bird and you will be happy let them try out their wings.